The Normetal East Property is located in Clermont Township, roughly 15 kilometers north of the city of La Sarre and is accessible via paved Highway 393. It is approximately 3,800 hectares in size and covers approximately 15 kilometers of the “mine sequence” which contains the Normetal Deformation Zone in the Normetal Volcanic Complex. The vendors, Remy Belanger Enr, a Geophysical Contractor and Pierre Gervais, past owner of Services Exploration Enr are well acquainted with this belt and over a long period of time have been able to assemble this important land position.

Normetal East is within the Abitibi belt, approximately 10 km south-east of the former Normetal Mine, a base-metal orebody where more than 10 million tonnes of ore were produced between 1937 to 1975 grading 5.41% Zn, 2.24% Cu, 44.45 g/t Ag and .526 g/t Au.

The Mine Sequence is composed, at the base, of mafic volcanic rock surmounted by an alternating series of slightly overturned, south facing mafic and intermediate to felsic volcanic units forming a thick volcanic pile trending roughly NW/SE. Extensive sedimentary horizon occurs at the top of the sequence.

The presence on the property of a NE-SO dyke (similar to the one passing near the former Normetal Mine) and of a fault flexure on the Normetal Fault show interesting structural features suggesting potential mineralization passage and accumulation.

Numerous polymetallic showings have been discovered in the past on the property and surrounding claims with high copper grades.

RJK’s area of immediate interest on this property is a Phase-Induced Polarization geophysical anomaly located just south of a chain of airborne EM anomalies. The Company will be conducting additional geophysical surveying to further enhance and define this anomaly as well as defining others prior to drill testing.

Property Maps